Unique Silver Amber Pendants

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silver pendant

If you’ve ever seen silver amber pendants, you may wonder what makes it so unique and sought after. Many individuals know about the history of silver amber pendants and what they symbolize. First off, amber has been around since the beginning of time and some found today are just as old – 45 million years old to be exact.

Amber was created by the resin from pine trees, most of which can be found in today’s Scandinavia and the Baltic. Waterways carried the amber to the coast of the Baltic – today this is where a lot of the amber is still found. The resin that is secreted from the pine trees are fossilized, which is now used for silver amber pendants. These fossils formed at the bottom of the sea, so how do we find them today? Well, about two million years ago, it is said that a glacier shifted, causing the amber to surface to the earth where it is now mined.

For many centuries silver amber pendants have been linked to royalty and the rich. Silver amber pendants are very special because of the way they are formed and how old they are. It’s like carrying around an antique 24-7. You can also find amber in museums. Silver amber pendants can be dated as far back as the 13th century. Sometimes the amber was used as amulets for magical protection. Amber is mostly found imbedded in sterling silver, so finding silver amber pendants definitely isn’t difficult. Silver amber pendants come in all shapes and designs. Many of the silver amber pendants are made into animals, religious symbols, flowers and many other shapes.

Many people purchase their silver amber pendants from Baltic States to ensure authenticity and quality. Silver amber pendants are usually looked upon as elegant and aren’t worn on a daily basis – instead the silver amber pendants are saved for special occasions. The silver amber pendants can also be found in various colors, such as yellow, blue, red and green. It is important that you take special measures to ensure the longevity of your silver amber pendants by keeping them within plastic. This will help to keep the silver from tarnishing. If the silver amber pendants are worn regularly, this isn’t necessary because wearing them keeps the pendants from tarnishing. Use a dry clean cloth to clean your silver amber pendant and preserve its shine.

Since the popularity of amber pendants has increased over the years, there are jewelers out to trick you. So how can you differentiate the real from the fake?  If you have already purchased the item, you can dip it into acetone, fingernail polish remover or alcohol; if it affects the stone in any way, it isn’t amber. The color and shine should still be in place. Second, amber will not melt. When heated, amber smells sweet and isn’t harmed. After all, this is why it has been around for so long. Last, amber floats in salt water, which has allowed the Baltic States to find some washed ashore, contributing to the mystic of silver amber pendants.

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