Knowing Gold Wedding Bands

gold jewelry

Gold wedding bands are standard issue for any matrimonial situation. Buying a wedding ring is special for both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. When looking for gold wedding bands to purchase, there are different categories to choose from. The usual types of gold wedding bands are those made with the yellow gold. These can be found with plain bands or those with engraved designs. Others can be purchased with diamonds, rubies and other jewel types.

For the men, the gold wedding bands are usually plain white gold wedding bands, but there are a select few who option to get men’s gold wedding bands with engravings and precious stones. A lot of couples decide to engrave the gold wedding bands with special phrases, their anniversary date or even wedding vows. Some yellow gold wedding bands to choose from include yellow gold brushed bands, Celtic knot wedding bands, floral designed bands and concave gold wedding bands.

Another form of gold wedding bands are those made with white gold. For the individuals who like the silver look, but want the quality that gold offers may find white gold wedding bands suitable. These have the same designs and stones as the yellow gold wedding rings. You may also find some white gold wedding bands with unique designs and engravings – either personalized or already made.

If you are finding it hard to decide whether you want white gold or yellow gold wedding bands, you can choose to get two-toned gold wedding bands. These are made with both white gold and yellow gold. There are various ways the two can be designed and intertwined within the bands. It can literally be braided into one another or the outside can be one color gold while the inside is another. For the female gold wedding rings, the band is usually one color while the gold encasing the diamonds or rubies is another color gold. It is very easy to get creative with two-toned gold band rings. There are also tri-colored gold band rings, with yellow, white and a reddish golden medal; offering you even more designs and choices.

Platinum is another silver colored metal that is popular in the wedding band market. Those that like platinum can still have their gold wedding bands by having the two combined – gold and platinum. Or if you want something with a little culture, there are Celtic gold band rings that are made with white gold, yellow gold and a combination of the two. They come with special knotted and braided designs for both men and women.